Prada, Maggie & Gertrude

We have been feeding Prada for about 2 months now. She is a playful, but shy, little wiggly girl. Definitely a gem of a dog, she just needs the love and affection that a stable home will give her. She is 10 months old and about 18 lbs. She is staying in PJ's carport right now because of her age and the fact that PJ has had parvo in her house. We just don't want to risk it. Please email us if you are interested in fostering Prada, or better yet giving her a loving, fantastic home.

I have spoken about Maggie before on this blog. She takes her bones from us everyday. She loves the pets she receives more than her bones. She is ready to come home to someone. She is going to be the PERFECT dog. I have a great amount of affection for this dog. If I had an open spot in my home she would be my foster for sure. Please consider fostering Maggie. I want to get her off of the streets before she has to live through another winter of icicles hanging from her long, beautiful fur.

Gertrude is the last of the kitties that we want to rescue from the area. She meets us everyday and asks for food. The house she used to live in was knocked down (thankfully she was not in it). The one next store to it burned (thankfully she was not in that one either). She did disappear for some time after those incidences, but is back and begging for food everyday again. Please help us rescue this kitty before she is burdened with the freezing winter months. She is a lover. If you are interested in any of these pets, please email us at gatewaypetguardians@yahoo.com



Pierre was owned by an older woman who lives in East St. Louis. She had Chi Chi too (who is now my foster). We pulled Chi Chi first and then found out she had another dog that she was not taking care of and letting run around the neighborhood. She said that she did not want him anymore and wanted to know if we could take him too. PJ brought him home immediately. Pierre is about 7 months old, is a small dog and is so incredibly sweet. He is a lover. He is at PJ's right now, unfortunately cannot come into her house due to the Parvo that she had a few months ago. Pierre has to be kept in a kennel because he has to be separate from the other two puppies that are still with PJ. Pierre is going to be an easy one to adopt out, so should not be a long term foster. The picture does not do him justice. He was still wet from his bath. Please help us find a loving foster home where Pierre can be kept indoors and given the love he deserves.