Please take me HOME!

I love this pack of dogs. Over the past several months they have gone from super scared, never coming near us, to playing and almost taking the treats right out of my hand. Nigel, the front man there wants so badly to come home with us. He is not completely sure yet, but you can just tell that he knows there is something more out there for him than that dead end street in East St. Louis. We still have one of his offspring up for adoption too. Wouldn't it be so nice if we could keep this pack from reproducing ever again. We are beginning to get caught up on our bills, thanks to several fundraisers and some very generous donations from some animal loving supporters. Unfortunately, we are still low on foster homes. We have no where to take these dogs. Puppies are a little easier to place in foster homes, but most people are not interested in fostering adult dogs. Myself, and a few other people have been willing over the past few years to take in an adult dog. I have to say that I have fostered both adults and puppies alike. I enjoy the adult dogs much more. The good thing about our organization is that PJ gets to be so close to the dogs on a daily basis that she knows which dogs will do well in homes. They usually end up potty trained much quicker than puppies and they adjust very nicely to the home life. Typically, an adult foster dog is more well behaved than my own dogs. They are just so much more appreciative of being rescued. 

That being said, we always need fosters for puppies too. Eartha's pups are almost ready to go into their foster homes. Jamie and Shaun will be ready for their much deserved break from having Eartha and her 9 puppies in their house. Please let us know if you are willing and able to foster a puppy or two, or if you are interested in saving an adult dog from the harsh streets. 


Itchy Belly

See that cutie in the background scratching his itchy belly. Don't you wish we could pull him off of the streets and make his belly stop itching? I do.

The guy who climbs into the car, whom I call Mr. Man gets picked on by the other dogs. After we gave him his treats and left that day, the other dogs rolled him over and took his treats from him. I don't know why he stays friends with them. He is the next dog I would like to pull as soon as we get enough funds to start pulling again. We are on a hiring freeze, I mean a rescue freeze. Put it this way, the recession is deeply affecting our rescue and we are not able to pull any dogs until we get more funds. We are working our booties off having multiple fundraisers every month, but it seems like we are just spinning our wheels and are still trying to catch up. If you would like to put on a fundraisier for us, please pitch your idea. We would love to hear them!



Agnes has been on the streets for quite a few years now. PJ was the only person that she would let pet her. There was this guy who she followed around every day, but she would not let him pet her. I would like to draw you a picture of Agnes and this fellow: We would see this man who dressed everyday in a one piece, red type button up pajama suit,  always with a bottle of whiskey. If we saw this gentleman walking around, lo and behold, there was Agnes, following 10 feet behind. She would not let him touch her, but she was always there. PJ would give the man Agnes' treats if she was not around, and he would always say, "when you gonna bring me something?" But, he would laugh and give the treats to Agnes. At least we assumed he gave them to her. One day when PJ pulled up to give Agnes her love and her treats, the man came out to tell her that some fellas had been throwing bricks at Agnes and that she was really being picked on by the locals. PJ just could not stomach Agnes being left to the fate of these mean people. Next thing I knew, PJ called me on her ride home, "Guess who I have in my car!" I was so happy to hear that she had rescued Agnes, even though our rescue has had to put rescuing on hold since we have had 6 parvo puppies in the last month. There is always room for an animal who is being abused on the streets of East St. Louis. Now we just need to find a permanent and loving home for Agnes and life will be happily ever after for this special dog.

UPDATE: Thankfully all of our parvo pups survived. Hopefully it will be the last that we see of parvo for a while. Unfortunately, meanwhile, we have lost a lot of our puppy fosters due to the fact that parvo lives in a yard for up to 6 months. We cannot risk putting puppies in homes that have been exposed to parvo. If you have been thinking about fostering a puppy, now is the time that we need you. We cannot pull any more puppies until we have more money and more foster homes. But, like I said, the good news is that everyone survived and most are in their forever homes by now.