Introducing: The Gateway Ride-A-Long Program

We have had quite a few inquiries from readers about how they can go see some of the dogs I have posted here on the blog. For that reason, in cooperation with PJ, we have created the Gateway Ride-A-Long Program. It is essential that PJ has a person to come along with her on her visits to East St. Louis. Usually her sweet mom rides with her, but her mom would love a break!

If you are interested in seeing first hand what PJ does and helping her feed the dogs (and some kitties), please contact us and we can set up a day for you to ride along. If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to comment here or contact us through phone-314.664.7398, or email. We would love to hear from you.

There are so many more dogs than just the ones I have posted pictures of so far. Quite honestly, there are probably hundreds of dogs on the streets of East St. Louis. Some of them PJ sees everyday. There are some she sees one day, and never again. And then there are others that she sees consistently, and then one day they just disappear. The best part is when we have an open home for a dog and he gets to come home with us that day. The look in their eyes is one of excitement and contentment that this is their very last day of living on the streets.

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