La Roja, Malcolm, and Lovable Lloyd

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Rode along with P.J. today and here are some of the kids that REALLY need someone. Malcolm has been living on the streets forever. Usually he is in the same location so he is easy to find. We love him but we aren't necessarily a big fan of his unsnipped "baby" makers, as this means more & more children. He is the beautiful "masked man". Lloyd has also been around for a long time. We all adore him but there seems to always be someone in more "dire need" than him, so he waits. He has a lovely personality. And La Roja is just a doll, as you can tell. These guys are gems.
Any takers?? All of these guys would love to go home with P.J. You can make a difference by helping us find "foster" homes.
We were not able to get Nina, Aaron or Bea today. I was thrilled to hear that Bea & Aaron have a foster. Allison Burgess, the founder of MatchMeats, is their guardian angel. Much more on her and her incredible work in a post soon!


Gateway Guardians Promotion

The news release about Gateway Pet Guardians' documentary, Gateway Guardians, received a couple features in a national dog lover publication, Bark Magazine.


Our feature story will appear in the September, 2010 issue. 

Take your Dog to the Drive-In

Dogs at the Drive-In???? I was just thinking of how much fun it would be to go to a Drive-In when I saw that HALO is sponsoring a "Take Your Dog to the Drive-In" night September 5th, 2010. So quintessentially Midwestern, let's bask in our "open space" and take our furkids to the movies. And for those of you with younger dogs, yes we are playing "nice" movies so no bad language or naughty pictures that might corrupt your pooch. And all the plata goes to our own little street kids that need it the most.


Forte and Legato "The Dynamic Duo"

These puppies are adorable. Forte & Legato will be 4 months old on August 28th, 2010. They were part of a litter of 8 pups. P.J. searched daily, for 2 weeks, until she was sure that she had found all the babies. Their siblings were lucky enough to find fosters and permanent homes. Can you help us find some people for these dogs to love? They are just spilling over with joy and they need to be able to spread that joy to some loving people. They promise a lifetime of loyal love. Now how many people in your life can fulfill that? P.J. has given them a head start in life. And the usual story.....we can't take in any more kids off of the street until we find some homes for our current rescues.This "octet" of puppies was very lucky. P.J. knew when they would be born and made sure she found them all. Not all the kids on the streets are able to come home with their guardian angel. There is a lot of dog fighting in our area and an unfortunate number of dogs are either used as "bait" or used in fighting. They are exploited to make a buck. Or sometimes they have bullet wounds, etc............Please speak up for these animals. We are their voices www.gatewaypets.com


Emergency Rescue.......Fosters we need you!

Our lovely Julia has a heart of gold and today when she saw this starving pup on Cherokee Street she rushed the poor little guy to the vet. He weighs only 25 pounds and was wandering around, extremely malnourished. He was so emaciated that he was stumbling in the street, oblivious that there was traffic speeding by. A guardian angel rescued him and immediately took him to the hospital. Now he will begin to heal, but we are bursting at the seams with dogs and really need to find a foster. If you or anyone you know may be able to help, please contact us. GPG pays for the vet bills, etc....We ask that you provide food and lots of kisses and help take him to adoption events. We even have help with transport to events if your schedule conflicts with the adoption days.
He is a Shepard mix that is 2-3 years old.