Designer Pups

These cuties are going to be featured in our upcoming film, Gateway Guardians. They are Designer Puppies, from left to right we have: Ellen Tracy, Bill Blass, Bob Mackie, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. They are super sweet and still need fosters. Please pass this along. Thank you!


Help us Save this Sweetie!

We have seen this little sweetheart out on the streets for the past week. You can see her spine, she is so thin. You can also see her injured leg in this picture. It is healing, but it was really bad, whatever it was. I am wondering if there was bone damage with the way it looks. We would like to rescue her if we can catch her. Unfortunately, we will have to raise about $400 in order to be able to get her treated. Please help us save this sweet boxer face. She seems pretty scared on the streets. Whatever small or large amount you can donate will help. Thank you!

Puppies and a Purple House

We were draped in puppies today after the rescue. Seven puppies total from two separate houses next door to one another. We have been leaving notes for this woman asking her if we could take the puppies that have been staying on her front porch, but have not gotten a response. Luckily, PJ is persistent. Today the little boy that lived there was home. PJ asked him to get his mom and he disappeared. PJ knocked again asking him to get his mom again, explaining that we would like to get care for the pups. He shut the door and never came back. PJ knocked again. He came out and his mom followed. She was very nice and said we could take all of the puppies but one :( I will be thinking about the one until we are able to rescue her. The rescue went pretty easy. All of the puppies let us pick them up with a little coaxing except for one. Again, lucky for PJ's persistence. She had him cornered, but he escaped. He went under a car and she swept him out gently with a broom. Finally, he ran onto a mostly enclosed porch and PJ was able to trap him with all of the junk that was on the porch. Trapping him, and picking him up are two different things though. PJ went and got her gloves while I played defense in the doorway with the poor, frightened pup. This puppy cried like it was the end of the world when PJ picked him up. He snapped and struggled and screamed. It really sounds like we are hurting them, but she was not. I saw it with my own two eyes. The scared pup is already allowing us to pet him now. Just goes to show how quickly they come around once they are touched by a gentle human hand. We need fosters for all of these pups. Please tell all of your animal loving friends.

At the end of the rescue, as we were getting ready to drive away, I saw another small dog running around. I decided to try to go get him. What's another one after you already have 7, right? As I approached, he ran away, but a head popped up from the back yard of a purple house without making a peep. It was a very underweight, brindle pit mix tied to a 2 foot kinked up chain. I went to get him a couple of treats and my camera so that I could take a picture of this atrocity. As I was walking back to give him the treats, a woman was walking toward me. "What are you doing over there?" I explained that I was trying to catch the little white dog, but then was going to give the brindle dog some treats. She said that was her dog. I asked if I could give it treats and she said yes, but she better, because he isn't very nice. She was very well spoken, well dressed and seemed like a nice person. I thought about asking her about the too short chain, but decided that it was a matter for animal control. So, I called animal control on the purple house with the brindle pit tied to the fence on a two foot chain. Hopefully tomorrow, that dog will no longer be tied up. And if he is, hopefully he will have been given a longer lead. Wish we could save them all.


Sonny & Deacon are Saved! (but still need a foster)

Thanks to Paul Boyer, of Civil Engineering Design Consultants, we were able to pull Deacon and Sonny Friday. Paul offered to sponsor their stay at a kennel until we can find them a foster. We have one potential foster, but are still in need of someone for the other. They are both very sweet. Deacon (brown guy) is about two years old and is the more laid back of the two. Nothing much bothers him. I think that is why he got so beat up the other day. I don't even think he knew what hit him. Sonny (smaller and tan), on the other hand is about a year old and is all puppy. While Deacon laid quietly in my back seat on the way to the vet this morning, Sonny stepped on his head, back and forth from window to window, trying to get into my front seat, licking my neck, chewing his leash, etc. Sonny seems like he would be a lot of fun for someone who would like a dog with a lot of energy. They both seem to do well with other dogs. Although, Sonny might be too hard of a player for some types.

So, these two sweeties are being kept in a kennel, and although it is a nice kennel, it is a kennel, none-the-less. Their lives have been saved and they are not only safe from attacks from other dogs, but they are living the lap of luxury chewing on their $12 cow arms (sorry little cow) in their very small cage that they will be in until we find a foster for them. Remember, these two are used to running free, so this is going to be a crazy adjustment for them. Since I have never used the kennel before I asked to see the facilities. They are clean and decent, but the barking is killer and I would imagine extremely stressful for all of the dogs there. Not to mention the fact that they will be living in a 3 x 4 cage until we find a place for them to go. Please pass the word along that we need a foster home for these guys. My mission was to save them from being euthanized, and now my mission is to get them out of those tiny cages. It will be haunting me until I can get them into a home.


Sonny & Deacon Need Help Desperately!

Deacon (in front) & Sonny (lighter color) hang out around Richard's Mom and Manifred. I just will never understand dogs, because Manifred and Richard's Mom won't let them eat. Deacon and Sonny run away with their tails between their legs when we feed them because Richard's Mom and Manifred growl at them. It is so sad. There is a girl in heat around the area, and I guess Deacon and Manifred got into it over her. Deacon, being the lover he is, got the short end of the stick in the fight. To put it lightly, he lost. His face is so torn up. On top of that, there is a local church across the street and the people were outside and saw the whole thing. It scared them and they are saying that they are going to call animal control on these two dogs. Deacon and Sonny will surely be euthanized if they end up in animal control. We need fosters for these lovers. Deacon runs up to me when we pull up and hops on top of my lap. He is such a friendly guy. The two of them seem to get along with other dogs just fine, unless there is a lady in heat, that is. If you know anyone willing to foster, or if you know of another rescue that would be willing to help us out with these guys, please pass this along. These two are way too sweet to be put down. PLEASE HELP!


A question for you

The other day I received an email from a woman who was extremely upset about the post about Bruno. She thought that we were horrible for leaving Bruno's friend behind and would have preferred to not have read that story. It has left a terrible mark on her that she can't seem to shake. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you because we did raise enough money to rescue Bruno's friend when we come across him again. Secondly, I think I explained it in that post but would like to reiterate how we actually do regret leaving his friend behind, but we made what was a split second decision in a situation where we were unsure who was watching, and whether we would get in trouble by a local or not. I would also like to reiterate that his friend was not the least bit upset that we took Bruno. He was just thrilled to be untied from Bruno. He did not even look back at us as we drove away. I write this blog to give readers a glimpse into what we do on a daily basis. Animal rescue is not always a pretty thing. Decisions have to be made on who to rescue. We encounter dozens of dogs on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we have to make our decisions on who we feel is the most in need and who we know we will be able to place in a foster home, since we do not have a shelter.

My question is, as the reader, how heavy do you want this blog to read. I write this blog for you, so I want it to be something that you will continue to read in order to relay to you what it is we do. However, I do not want to turn people away by talking about things that are too hard to read. I know what it is like to go to bed and have an image or a thought in my head and not be able to get rid of it. That is one of the reasons that I do not post the super graphic pictures of these dogs. I do not want to see that, so I am pretty sure that the readers of this blog do not. The last thing I want to do is offend you. We do have happy stories, and I try to post them too, but for whatever reason, I get all fired up with writing about the insane, sad and tragic. We are human, and we make mistakes. I have never thought about trying to hide those mistakes from you. My intentions with the blog are to share the real stuff with you, our blunders, mistakes and all. Please share with me your thoughts on what you think of my posts so far and if they are too difficult for you to read. I would genuinely love to hear your opinions. Thank you.