Yesterday I Visited East St. Louis and This is What I Saw:

There always seems to be one who steals the show. Lawrence is just so incredibly pathetic. He is miserable. I wish that we had a facility to take him to.
I love this picture of him. He is so itchy, either due to mange, or malnutrition. He has claw marks on his face from scratching so much. We are going to start him on treatment for mange and hope that it helps his itchy situation.
I think Nigel is sooo cute. I think he will clean up quite nicely. Nigel still does not trust us enough to allow us to catch him, but he is getting awful close.
This cute little guy is starting to get more comfortable with people. Someone rescued his mom from the streets, so he and his brother are all alone now. His brother will not come anywhere near us. It was so sweet when the mom was still there. We would give her milk bones and she would take them to her pups instead of eating them for herself.
This poor guy has a broken leg. He is scared of us too. He still shows up to eat though!
Maggie is super sweet and being her cutie patootie self. She always jumps up in the car window, takes two milk bones, and waits until you give her some pets. She won't leave unless you give her the pets.
This fluffmonster is pregnant. She is Nigel's sister. They are both sweet dogs.
I like this guy. He has a messed up toe, but I think it is completely healed.

This is just a sampling of what you will see if you ride along with PJ. The dogs look forward to her everyday. They tend to wait at the same spots at the same times most days for her. What would these dogs do without PJ?


Problem Solved

Meet Sherlock, the dog we had in our car when that guy came out yelling at us. Sherlock was tied up for a couple of months in some random location in East St. Louis that did not have a house next to it. And then Sherlock was running free on the streets with a collar on him that was way too tight. Next Sherlock was in our car and we got yelled at by a man who said that Sherlock was his, except that Sherlock was way underweight, dehydrated, covered in burs, heartworm positive and freezing to death. The next time we went out Sherlock chased our car. We just could not refuse him. He is now warm, full and sweet as can be. Sherlock's brother, who I have not stopped thinking about since we pulled Sherlock, chased PJ's car today. He is now at the vet getting checked out. His brother is heartworm positive too, so they both would not have made it much longer had we not taken them. Cillian, Sherlock's brother is going to his foster home tomorrow. He is going to find out what it is like to be loved! There are three other dogs that hang out around there. I would love to get them all. They will be harder to catch than Sherlock and his bro though. I will keep you posted. Thank you everyone for caring so much about these dogs. It is so encouraging to know that people are outraged about these poor dogs as much as we are.



Here is an opportunity for us to win $10,000 to go toward our shelter! Please vote. Please pass this onto everyone you know. The contest ends on January 31st, and we have entered it late, so we need to play catchup. Please VOTE NOW and let everyone know that we are your favorite candidate for this awesome contest. If you forward this to everyone you know, we can win and buy that shelter. That way we can save so many more animals. I am begging, pleading, I am down on my knees. Please!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh The Frustration!

After thinking about how cold these dogs were all night, I received an email from one of our fosters. She could not stand the thought of these freezing dogs on the street either. I called PJ to see if she wanted to go pull a couple of dogs from the streets. I spoke to two fosters and all three of us agreed that we would take a dog. So exciting! I knew which dogs I wanted to pull. It is unprecedented that we would be able to take a whopping three dogs in one day. Sylvester, above is one of them. I do not have a picture of the other two that we wanted to take, but they are super cute. A lot of times the dogs will not be out in the middle of the day. It is typically their time to hunker down and hide from all of the crazies on the streets. We were surprised to see all three of these dogs today, in the middle of the day. I also have to say that we do not make a habit of going to East St. Louis any later than 8:00 in the morning, because we, like the dogs, know when the crazies are out. We got Sherlock in the car (super fluffy cute black dog). His collar was too tight, but I thought I would fix that once we got moving. We were getting ready to grab the other two when a man came running around the corner hollaring "Let that dog out of that car! I told you." He proceded to call the cops, which I am unsure what the cops would have done since he does not give those dogs food, water or shelter. I do not know how he can claim them as his own. Since PJ goes to that area every single day, we try to cause as little trouble as possible. This guy claims ownership of these dogs, and we have to leave them, for PJ's safety. So we let the dog out of the car. I did not get a chance to losen his collar, which just kills me. He is probably going to chain the dogs up somewhere so that we cannot get to them now.

I just wish there was a way to make it better for these dogs. Why do we live in a society that allows people to 'keep' dogs when they do not care for them? It should be illegal. I want to change laws. It was Mahatma Ghandi who said, "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." I do believe that those weakest members are the animals and children of our society. I also believe that our society is failing at this. I believe that it comes down to education. It is also, as PJ said today on the ride home, a power struggle. I can see that too. What other possessions does that man have besides the dogs whom he believes to own. Society really does not give him anything, so why would he think that he needs to give the dogs anything. I don't know. I am kind of on a soapbox, but I just wish there was a solution to this horrendous problem. Thanks for listening and if you have any ideas of how to make this situation different, I am all ears.
We can't catch this guy. He will not even come near us, but I love this picture. He was totally posing for the camera. He stayed like that for me for at least 45 seconds.


You are Invited!


The Polar Wave is moving through St. Louis. Please help bring the animals out of the icy cold weather! We would love to see you there. Come meet some of the key players with Gateway Pet Guardians, have a couple of cocktails, bid on some super fabulous silent auction items...but, don't outbid me...or do, because it will go to the animals :)

January 25, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Polar Wave Ice and Fuel Company, Plant number 6
2200 Gravois
St. Louis, MO 63104
$15 entry donation, includes two drink tickets

•Tours of the Recently Rehabbed Historic Building
•Silent Auction
•Hors d'Ĺ“uvre
•Wine, Beer, Water and Soft Drinks Available

Not only will you be helping us with vet bills for animals like Martin here, but just your attendance will put us closer to our goal for purchasing a facility so that we can pull more dogs from the freezing cold streets. Tonight is going to be one of the coldest nights in St. Louis for a decade. Luckily we were able to get Bomber out of the cold. He is safe and resting on a cushy bed, watching TV and receiving meds for all of his pain and injuries at Dog-Gone Fur Babyz. There are so many dogs out there like Bomber that would love to have a warm and safe place to rest. This fundraiser will be the first of many this year that we will be throwing to raise money for the shelter. We would love to get to know you. We would love for you to be part of what we do. Saving these dogs is not a question, it is just a matter of how quickly we will be able accomplish that goal.
Martin is doing very well. He is adjusting to his new face and is becoming more laid back in his foster home. He is such a sweet dog, and so deserving of a great home. Again, as I have said so many times, it is because of you that we are able to do what we do. I cannot thank you enough. We look forward to seeing and meeting you at our future events this year!


It's Bomber's Turn.

PJ called me today, saying that she wished we could take Bomber off of the streets, just for a couple of days, while the cold passes. My husband is out of town, and I thought, well, I could have him for a couple of days. My second thought was, there is no way I will be able to put Bomber back on the streets once he gets to live in the lap of luxury. So, I set out on a mission to find Bomber a foster home. The response was amazing. The people that we work with are so supportive and wonderful people with the biggest hearts. Bomber now has a foster home, with Dog-Gone Fur Babyz, and will no longer have to suffer as he has suffered for his entire life.
As you can see in the background of all of Bomber's photos is a black dog. I do believe that this is Bomber's lady. She has had so many litters just in the two and a half years I have worked with Gateway. I am sure most of those are Bomber's pups. I think Bomber protects her. Although, she will be happy to not have to have Bomber's pups anymore, I think she will miss the protection and friendship Bomber has provided. The problem is that she will not come near us. We will have to trap her to catch her. In order to do that, we will have to have a foster home lined up for her. I am worried about her being out on the streets without Bomber. Hopefully we will find someone willing to take her. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for someone who would be willing to foster a pretty black dog. She would love to never have anymore litters of pups again.
Thank you to those who donated to Martin's fund. I am always amazed at the people who step up to the plate when we need them. Martin is doing well, and has really taken to his new cyclopse look. The vet says that he is just the sweetest dog and they would be happy to have him there as long as he needed to stay. David Carlyon is going to be his foster. We will be getting some fabulous pictures of Martin to show off from David soon, I am sure.


Martin (kind of graphic)

I will let you know when a post is going to be sad or graphic. I don't want to offend anyone, and I know that we all want to hear the happy stories of dogs being saved, but sometimes there are trials and tribulations before those dogs can be saved.

Today when PJ was feeding the dogs she came across the same packs as usual. Except this time, one of the dogs was severely injured. Poor Martin's eye was completely hanging out of his socket. Of course he usually will come to PJ, but this time he ran. She chased him and finally caught up to him. She picked him up and carried him about 100 yards to her car. She took him directly to the vet. They are going to have to remove the eye. Martin is so sweet. He loves people and would always play games with the dog treats with the other dogs. It seems like each time we get a major vet bill paid off, or just when we think we might be getting ahead, we find another dog who is in undeniable need of our care.

We could really use you to help us pay for Martin's surgery and medical care. Thank you in advance for all that you do for us. We really appreciate you being here and caring about the animals. Without you, what we do would not be possible.


Scarlett's Story

Last year, one of our fosters, Melissa rescued a very sick puppy. She was so malnourished that her growth had been stunted and she was losing her fur from all of that mange. Scarlett was a very special dog and was adopted by a wonderful woman named Sarah Torretta. Sarah wrote a narrative in Scarlett's voice as well as her own. It is such a sweet story, I thought I would share it. It is totally worth the read.

Gateway to a Forever Home
by Sarah Torretta


The warm sun started to peek over the building across the street. I stretched my paws, farther and farther, ignoring the aching in my belly. There was a thirst at my mouth, as there was most of the time, and I sighed. It was time for another day. Here, where I lived, it was tough. The cold weather had stopped for awhile, turning warm and wonderful, but then it came back again. My bones ached, my belly rumbled and my fur itched. I started walking around, looking for anything to eat, and ran across a trash-can half-tipped by those crazy animals in the night. They would freeze if something came across their path, but that left me with breakfast, so I was okay with that. I licked some water off the ground. It was in a muddy puddle with some leaves. Leaves, an added morning treat. I loved to eat them. Sometimes I had to eat the droppings of larger, meaner dogs, who wouldn't let me eat from the leftovers in the trashcans. I searched and searched for somewhere soft to rest. I was just so tired. Is this what life is like?

I curled up in the sun and took a nap, until I heard it. A growl. I startled awake and scampered off behind the run-down building, my heart beating wildly in my chest.

I watched, from the distance, with my eyes peering out of the dark shadows as my friend, the only one I had, disappeared. The growling had not stopped... in fact the thing was still standing there, and even when it stood still it growled. A low rumble, never blinking. I watched as something crawled out of it. The other dogs had called them human. I watched this human, with soft eyes take him... the other dog... and put him in the big growling thing's belly. He was never seen again. I wondered how something with such soft eyes and a gentle voice could take away my friend.

Sometimes this human would bring more humans and they would even crawl under buildings to find other dogs. Always they would put them in the belly of the large growling thing and they would disappear.

The sadness in my heart grew everyday. The weather would bounce from cold to hot. I couldn't get comfortable lying down, my ribs rubbed on the pavement, which ranged from cold to colder and was always hard and uncomfortable. When I found grass, it was sparse and patchy, and usually other dogs ran me out. I itched more and more everyday, and I kept losing my fur. I was achy, and hungry and thirsty. I was in the middle of the street, but I just had to lie down. Just a little rest, I told myself. I scratched at my ear with my paw, but it just kept itching. My skin hurt so badly. I just didn't want to move anymore.

I awoke with a start as I realized IT came back. The big growling thing. It came right near me. I tried to move, but my bones were sore and I was so weak I barely managed to stand. The human was back, and this time there was another one. This one had an even gentler look. I didn't want to disappear into the thing. I didn't want to go away, even if this world was cruel. But something about this human caused my tail to wag. Something I haven't felt in my whole life. I knew it was worth risking going into the thing. The human picked me up and looked at me with sweet eyes. They were wet with tears. Sometimes I get tears, too. When my fur itches or my belly aches. The human was holding me now, so close I could feel a heartbeat. It was nice. The human took me into the belly of the thing, but nothing happened. I didn't understand. It was warm, and the thing didn't hurt like I thought it would. I was now on something soft and cuddly. I had a hand rubbing my head, and a soft voice calling to me. I wondered if this was so bad, but I continued to shake.

The human was still holding me tight. The other human called her Melissa. She talked to me, called me a good girl. As the thing started moving, I shook even harder. Her voice soothed me the whole time we were in the thing and when it came to a stop, I looked up, and realized I was still being hugged tightly.

"Scarlett Martini" she said. "That's what we'll call you." I had no clue what that meant, but I guess that's my name. I was carried into a building. I'd never been inside one of those before. It was a little scary.

Melissa said I was sick. We were at THE VET. I was scared, but she was with me. This place smelled of animals. Melissa kept whispering to me to be brave, and she told me how good I was. I wanted to make her happy. She was my angel.

The vet said I have mange. The vet said I have worms. The vet said I'm lucky to be alive. I know this, because I know how my stomach turns, and my outsides itch. I know this, because I know the taste of trash and water from the street.

Melissa took me home with her. It was soft beneath my paws and I slept more soundly than I ever have in my whole life. She gave me food everyday, and she gave me soft toys to play with and a place to sleep. I knew she was wonderful. I knew that it couldn't last forever, because I smelled the other dogs and cats that had come before me and I knew that her dog and cat (she called them Summer and Meeko) were there for good. I could tell. I knew that I wouldn't get to be there for good. Melissa talked about finding me a "forever home" where I could stay always. She talked about finding me a family and a yard. She wanted it to be the perfect place. She said I was special.


It was one week after returning from Paris and Vienna, and I wished I was back there, the weather was nicer, and life there was a little slower paced. I knocked on the door at Lyndsay's apartment, and she came out. We were headed to dinner. When we came back, she was telling me about her neighbor who takes in puppies. We happened to see her. She held in her arms a towel, and in that towel was a dog, or at least what was supposed to be a dog. Her fur was patchy and you could see right through to the skin underneath. She was tiny, but in her eyes was a look. She reminded me of Rosie, our family dog. She was shy, but she came to my feet and stared intently up at my face. She was a gentle soul of that I'm sure. I took a card from her neighbor, Melissa, and I got her e-mail address. I returned home that night with the card and thought. I asked my parents what they thought, I e-mailed Melissa. I got pictures, and I begged. Since I lived in an apartment in the basement of my parent's house I couldn't get a dog without their blessing. It would have to use their yard, and would be in the house, too. Yet, a dog was not to be. I resigned myself to that fact, and the rest of my school year continued, eventfully and she was on my mind. That little face, with the glance filled with hope.


Melissa bathed me everyday, and she gave me my special medicine. No matter what happened (when there was bleeding or I was sick and scared) Melissa was nothing but patient. She stayed in the room with me (she called it quarantine) until I was well enough to go play with her dog and cat. I knew they were out there, and I wanted so badly to play with them, but she said mange was bad and I had to be alone for awhile. That didn't stop her from spending time with me, though. She took me on walks and loved me. I would run with her, but I couldn't resist the wet grass. She and Summer would go on long walks or runs, but I liked to stop, and roll around. She just laughed. I would stretch my body wide in the soft grass that was full and wet with dew. Grass like I have never seen before.

When we were inside, I would curl up on her lap while she was doing work. I snuggled into her lap and watched every move she made. I slept in the big chair that was shaped like a bowl, and I drank fresh water whenever I could. It was always available. Eventually my scabs stopped itching on my skin and my fur and belly felt full. My belly could never be hungry like on the street. Melissa made sure of that.

We visited several people, but no one was good enough for my "forever home" she said. She hugged me so tight. Even though I knew it wasn't forever, I still hoped she'd keep me.

We went to "class." I learned to sit. She was so happy with this that I did it all the time, even when she didn't tell me to. (I also knew I'd get at treat). She told me one day to be pretty, to play with people and show them how great I am. She told me that today I might find a forever home. We went under this big area and I was playing with Princess. We were romping on around in a pen, and I was having fun. People were around. I still wasn't sure about them, but I knew Melissa was close, so I felt safe.

There was one who stopped by us and looked at me. Her eyes seemed kind. She looked at me intensely and I vaguely recognized her. She stood next to Melissa and they talked. Then I remembered where I had seen her before, and I knew I liked her, but I was still unsure. I sniffed her hand, but I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I went back to playing.


We walked up under the big white tent at PetCo. Lyndsay was in search of her perfect dog. She had been to shelters and the humane society and in the last couple weeks nothing had clicked. She had met a few that were cute, but nothing that just fit. I told her to be patient. She'd find the dog that needed her, and that she was meant to be with. I remember from my childhood how it just seemed like they clicked with you. Every dog we had was that way. They came in unexpected circumstances but they were always perfect for us. As we walked around, I saw Scarlett. Lyndsay's neighbor Melissa was there, and we talked. I reached to pet Scarlett and she sniffed it, nosey to see what I smelled like, and then went back to playing with the other dog in the pen. Melissa told me Scarlett is very shy and that she is the sweetest dog, but that she doesn't show that to people, she almost acts indifferent. I wonder if this is because she is afraid. I wonder if she's afraid to get attached and have that gone. I want to hug her and tell her I'll never leave, but I hear my dad's voice in my head warning that he's not ready for a second dog. Our other dog Shadow had to be put to sleep after 16 years. I hear his voice, and yet her little eyes tell me that she is the one for me. I hear a squeal from Lyndsay at the other side of the tent. She has found her match. A little Boston Terrier that needs a home. She names him Seamus and off we go to PetCo to get the supplies he needs. I call my mom. I ask if it's okay to set up a playmate for Scarlett to meet Rosie. She says yes. I think she hears it in my voice, that I really want this to happen. That this is something I need. I go back to the tent and talk to Melissa and as I do, I see two people playing with Scarlett. My heart breaks in two. Don't go home with them, I think. Don't go. Come with me! But I can't say that, because I don't know for sure how she'll like Rosie, and I don't know if my dad will be okay with this. So I tell Melissa to come over the next day, and that's the best I can do for now.


That next day Melissa took me to the thing, which I learned is a car and not an animal. I love it now. I like to curl up and nap. When it stops and we get out, I see a fence. I see a dog, and my spine tingles. The hair stands up and I see the lady from the other day, the familiar lady. She has sweet eyes, and a soft touch, and I go to her. There are three more people. They are kind looking, too... but I'm afraid. I see the other dog. They call her Rosie.

She's a nosey thing. She just smells me and smells me. They take the leash off, and I get to run. I run all over and I feel free They have grass here. I turn to look at Melissa and she gives me the okay, so I take off and I play. This Rosie keeps following me. The man, he leans to pet me and I walk away. I'm not sure yet. I smell all kinds of wonderful smells here, and there is so much space. I wonder what this place is. Melissa seems to like it here. She goes inside and I follow.

After playing for awhile, I'm okay with this Rosie, but I'm confused. Melissa takes me back to the car. I guess this forever home isn't good for me. I watch out the window as Rosie sits at the gate. She's looking for me. I'm looking, Rosie, I'm here, and I want to be with you, too. And the kind lady and the others, with the good yard. I settle for a nap and close my eyes, dreaming of that grass, and my new friend Rosie.


The car pulled out of the driveway and I turned to look at my family. I think that Rosie would do great with another dog, but ultimately I have no say, even if it's my dog, my financial and emotional obligation, and my commitment.
My dad looks at me, and he says "I guess we're getting another dog, huh?" We talked, and my heart grew light. I was so excited that Scarlett could come live with us. I was so excited she was going to be mine. Those tender eyes, that shy but gentle disposition. I called Melissa and told her we wanted her. I had to fill out an application and send it to her. It was thorough. I had to describe the type of dog I wanted, our previous animals, everything practically. I had to talk about how I would treat a dog and get references. I was nervous. Suddenly I worried that I might not be good enough for this dog, that there was something wrong, but I passed, and we set up a time for Scarlett to come. Melissa had to do an inspection of the house, and we had to sign a contract, so she would bring Scarlett on Wednesday, May 9. I couldn't wait. I was so excited. I just wanted her to be mine.


I was in the car, again, with Melissa. She was quiet, and I could tell something was different about her. When we stopped we were at that house again, the one with Rosie and the great big yard. I wagged my tail, and when I got through the gate I greeted Rosie. I was shy at first, making sure she still liked me, and I ran to the lady. Melissa introduced her as "my new MOM." I have a new mom!! This means I have a forever home. I looked back at Melissa and went to her and sat. She had a tear in her eyes. She gave me a treat for sitting pretty and I went to play. I was so happy. I have this big yard.

Then, I saw it. Water!


Scarlett was here, and we were doing the final paperwork and questions from Melissa. She had one concern. We didn't have a gate across the pool. It wasn't open yet, and my dad had just caulked the deck, which is why the gate had been taken off.
I told her not to worry about it, that we have a gate, and I shared why it wasn't on at the moment. As soon as this happened, Scarlett made a beeline for the pool. She dove onto the cover, which had water on the top. My heart jumped into my through. My first thought, as I ran to the edge, was "Can she swim?" My second thought, after seeing she could swim was "Will Melissa let Scarlett stay?" I envisioned her taking Scarlett away, claiming me an unfit puppy mother. Scarlett reached the other end of the pool and jumped off the back. She proceeded to race around the yard and straight up to us, soaking wet. She has spunk. Melissa let her stay, thank God. We went inside and played and filled out paperwork. As it came time for her to leave, I saw the tears in Melissa's eyes. I walked her outside with Scarlett and we went straight for the backyard grass. "You know, if there is ever a reason you can't keep her, I will take her back. If you ever need someone to watch her, let it be me," she said to me. She told me she would have to come back for a visit to check and see how things were going. I let her hug Scarlett, and she walked away, tears streaming down her face.


Melissa left, and she left me here. I'm sad to see her go. I'm not sure why she's leaving, but I know it has to do with my "forever home" so I guess this is it. I look into my "new Mom's" eyes. She seems so happy. I see that Rosie is still here, and the others. They all look excited. I am so excited, too. I can't believe I have a home, and it has grass to run in, and people with big hearts and a friend to play with.

That night I was a little scared, because the room was new, but I slept well. I was comfortable and Rosie was near me. In the morning, Mom came in to get me and we went outside. I played in the wet grass! I rolled and stretched and flopped my tongue outside my mouth with happiness. We played outside several times, and I loved it. That night I got to play inside with Rosie, too. She is the best friend I've ever had. I snuggled up to my Mom. She has a chair just like Melissa's, so I know I'll like it here.


Two days later Melissa came back to the house to check on Scarlett. Scarlett greeted her and then continued playing with Rosie. Melissa was teary-eyed. She said it was because she knew Scarlett had found her forever home. My heart was so happy. I was so thankful for this woman, who saved Scarlett from the streets and nursed her to health, and was now trusting me with loving and caring for her. I have never loved a dog like I fell in love with Scarlett, and I am so grateful that she came into my life.


Melissa was crying, and I suddenly got worried, was she going to take me back with her, did I have to leave the green grass and my Mom and Rosie? Did I have to leave the others? I realized Melissa's tears were for a different reason, and I was relieved. I knew she had other dogs to come, I wasn't the first or the last, but I knew she was the most important person in my life so far, she was my Angel. Now I have my Mom, but it's because of her.

A few mornings later, the warm sun was starting to peek over the hill as I stretched my paws, farther and farther. The grass was wet and cool and I rolled in it. I looked up to see my mom, her smiling face laughing at me in the grass. She called me over and I flopped to run to her. I snuggled my cool and wet nose into her hands and she said something I will never get tired of hearing, "I love you forever."

Author's Notes:

Gateway Pet Guardian is a virtual shelter. I came in contact with them exactly as this story says. I didn't know much about them, even after adopting Scarlett, but after being blessed with such a wonderful dog, I knew I wanted to learn more about the caring organization that rescues so many little ones from the street. I wanted to piece together Scarlett's story to know what my little girl had been through.

I have kept in touch with Melissa, Scarlett's foster mom. We see each other in passing when I visit Lyndsay, and I've brought Scarlett back to visit her. From the moment I started working with them I knew they were a different type of shelter.

There are 30-40 foster homes in this virtual shelter. They host a website and myspace page to advertise their pets and link to events. They raise money with fundraisers like a bowling tournament, or they attend events like the one at PetCo. The most recent adoption event was Saturday, July 7, at the Bass Pro Shop.

This organization dedicates much of it's time rescuing animals from the streets of East St. Louis. There is a woman named PJ, who started the organization who has driven around the streets feeding stray dogs and puppies. She would take in the sick and injured to the vet and then try to find homes for them. Eventually it evolved to the organization it is today. They will drive around and feed the animals until they are able to have available foster homes for them, and they will take as many as they can. Usually they know where a litter of puppies is located and will collect the litter and get them to foster homes, or another rescue group that has room. There is a vet who has kindly worked with the organization to provide discounted services.

They have a very wonderful way of matching people to pets. They have an application process, which is strict, and they call your references. They check to see that you have a vet and what the vet says about the type of home you will provide. They do a home visit, and check out the house, along with a playmate to see if the pet is a good fit. They wait to leave the pet until the family has decided and agrees. Then, there is a ten-day trial period. If, after ten days, something isn't working, they will give you your adoption fee back and claim the animal. This is also when they do a second visit. They follow-up with a phone call about a month later, and when you adopt the dog you sign a legal contract with the organization. You promise to feed, walk, and medically care for the animal. It is a legal and binding document. It made me comfortable knowing that they took their work seriously and wanted these dogs in not just a home, but a home forever.

I know that they truly care that the pet is a fit with the family. As in Scarlett's case, Melissa had visited other homes with her, and didn't feel right about it.

They are a responsible organization with caring people. They are doing the best they can to save animals from a horrible life on the streets.


Thank you Mike & Gracie!

The other day we received a letter from Mike and Gracie. Gracie was adopted from Gateway Pets and when she heard the news that we are going to open a facility for her relatives from East St. Louis, she told Mike that he better send money to help out. Mike sent the cutest letter and photo of Gracie. I thought I would share the photo. Gracie is a celebrity!

Thanks to all of you, like Mike and Gracie, who have donated so far to the rescue fund. We are working slowly toward our goal. Our business plan is coming together to ensure our success once we obtain the facility. If you are still considering donating, please consider doing so now. There is a donate now button to the right. We could really use your help with getting this shelter for all of the homeless dogs living in East St. Louis like the ones below. Luckily, the pups below have been rescued! Yay!
Popeye is a 9 week old German Shepherd/Terrier mix, found wondering alone in East St. Louis. PJ just could not resist that cutey patootey face. She came straight over afterward to show me the cutest puppers we have found lately.
PJ was tracking T-Bone and his siblings since they had been born. She knew the mom was pregnant, but did know where she had stashed them. One day she spotted one of them frolicking outside of an abondoned house. By the time she got to the puppy it had scurried under the foundation of the house to be with the rest of its litter. PJ checked everyday to see if these puppies would come to her. She brought the grossest smelling, tastiest to dogs, food she could find. No dice. When they realized it was PJ and not their mom they would hide as far in the depths of that abandoned house as they could. We even went as far as to driving the mom to the pups to try to trick them into coming out. These puppies were a little too smart for us. Finally, PJ was able to get a grate over the hole in the house before the puppies were able to crawl back in. Rescued! It is a good thing, because it was starting to get very cold and who knows what would have happened if they would not have gotten into the safe hands of PJ.