Documentary Free this Sunday!

Don't forget to tell your friends about our Sunday, September 26 showing of the documentary at Webster. It is a great opportunity to bring all the kids out since this is a FREE event. Please cross post! We love to have new fans and hopefully some new "fosters" as well. Click here or on our Documentary Page to know more about our screenings.

And our friends at at the dog park are hosting a really fun event tomorrow. Registration starts at noon and proceeds go to our great doggie playground in Soulard.
Frenchtown dog park (Soulard) Pup Crawl tomorrow Saturday, September 25.

A hundred and one million thanks to all of the kind souls that were trying to help us keep track of our little rescue rascals, Bea & Aaron. These two are going to take a little while to adjust. I just went to visit them yesterday at Hillside Animal Hospital, and they were in "resting" phase. They need to complete their heartworm treatment and get a little more used to socializing with human mammals. Their eyes conveyed so much history, surrender, and a sort of "peace" yesterday. They have struggled long and hard on the street for years, so it is going to take more than a few days for them to calm down and learn to trust people. Aaron let me pet him a lot, while Bea was pretty much knocked out and was napping during our visit. These dogs have a lot of depth to their personality. They may take awhile to socialize, but they seem to be forever loyal companions.


Salting the wound?

You can watch this in HD if you like, just click on the 720 on the right hand side.

I started "missing" Bea & Aaron so couldn't help but look at some old video footage. This video was taken in late August 2010, before P.J. rescued them. Of course, they were rescued Thursday, September the 16th, and then they decided to bolt from P.J.'s backyard the next day Friday, September 17th. I just wanted to post a little bit of video of Bea & Aaron in East St. Louis, on a day we were considering trying to rescue them. Unfortunately, that day there was a truck with a flat tire right next to us and Bea and Aaron didn't want to share their "special day" with any spectators. Look at how Aaron let's P.J. pet him. Please help us find them!
To find out the current situation with them (and everything else we are up to) be our friend on facebook.


Wine and tears...........

What a trying day.....have been up since 5:00 as I tried to drink some strong coffee prior to meeting P.J. to feed the kids. When I saw her, Aaron had only managed to jump her fence, into her neighbor's yard. Well 2 minutes later he was gone and just after that there was no sign of Bea either. So that incredibly happy rescue of yesterday, the joy of knowing these kids were safe now, all vanished. Just vanished into thin air. It was like being back at square one, except the kids weren't even on their own turf. Now Bea and Aaron are in a busy city, a city where there is a lot of traffic. We briefly look around before going to do the feeding on the East Side.

The rest of the day there are sightings of Bea. At one point 5 of us tried to corner her on Lafayette Street, just 1/2 a block east of Broadway. She was just laying there but once she knew what we were up to, she took off southeast. Apparently earlier in the day Bea made it to the Soulard Farmer's Market area and I think she might have even had a sandwich in her mouth at one point.

And I was SO happy to hear that Aaron had been seen. Our WONDERFUL fosters, Ann and her husband Greg, had seen the facebook posting and decided to "make a night of it". Miraculously they spotted Aaron and kept tabs on him until P.J. arrived. I got a phone call that Aaron was at 2nd street and Marion, only one block away from where Bea had been earlier. He and P.J. were just staring at each other. He was lying down and she was standing with her big gloves on, just in case an opportunity presented itself. He really wanted to go with P.J., but he was just too afraid. He was wagging his tail and almost playful. We tried to feed him some food with some "sleepy pills", but he just wouldn't eat enough of them to really make a difference. After that, the four of us were waiting and watching. P.J. and Greg made a move for it and Aaron split. He ran only a little bit before he thought he would like to toy with us again. He plopped down on the sidewalk and more of the same.

Eventually P.J. had him in a HUGE fenced in area, but he managed to escape the "temporary" fence part of it. I think we ended up on Choteau, but east of Broadway/7th. In a very industrial, overgrown area. It was getting really dark and we were going through the brush hoping.......We apparently weren't the only ones out in this kind of spooky area, P.J. was shining her light everywhere and it landed on a van with people smoking something. We decided to "wrap it up" for the night. P.J.'s gas tank was on empty the entire time.

So around 3:00 p.m. Bea was at Broadway and Lafayette (she was actually on Broadway), and then Aaron was all around the 2nd and Marion area (and north of there) in the night time. So please send us all of your good energy, prayers, meditations and mantras; we will take whatever we can get :) And I am really hoping that they will be down there this weekend since it will be very quiet there the next couple of days.
Such a long day of hope and now.....I realize it it night and we have no dogs. So that is where the wine comes in. And really I think a lot of tears for all of the hope that they would be with us again tonight and then the disappointment knowing that we have to wait another day. But I am grateful that they are both still with us and maybe they are staking out an area. So second and third streets and Broadway area.......

I just have to stay detached from them a little bit. If I even think about their personalities and how long P.J. has known them and been feeding them, it is just too painful to think they might not return. If you want to help look, please "like" our facebook page, where you can see the current situation with these kids.
So I am hoping this weekend. Keep your fingers & paws crossed.


"Cheyenne" and Match Madness!

Meet Cheyenne. She is a bundle of sweet little goodness and she really wants a home.
As you can see, she gets along with other dogs and with people. She is crate trained and proves it by exhibiting she knows how to do number 1 & 2 outside and not on your wooden floor. P.J. found her in an abandoned lot and couldn't leave her there to fend for herself. If you would like to meet Cheyenne in person please email gatewaypetguardians@yahoo.com

Next, I want to tell everyone about our documentary screening and Gala on November 18th.
All of the details later but save the date! Come out and see our movie and attend an awesome party afterwards. And a huge thank you to Allison Burgess. Allison, the founder of "Match", has graciously donated some great eats for this event. If you have never had Match, you are in for a treat. Match Meat (and the recent addition of Daiya cheese) has in my husband's words, "totally changed my repertoire". Yes, with Allison's incredible eats, our house is now like a 24/7 diner. We are talking biscuits and gravy, a mean chili, scrambled sausages, baked nachos loaded with the fixings, slingers, all this and more and ZERO cholesterol. My husband had a baked ziti addiction during our "Netflix" summer with "The Sopranos". It seemed that all that mafia activity and Italians cutting garlic prompted him to make his own version of "Baked Ziti" (sin animales). Ours consisted of Organic Brown Rice Pasta, Match Meat "Beef" style, a basic organic jarred tomato sauce, loads of garlic, and Daiya cheese. I think even the Sopranos could have "flipped" after indulging in such a delicious version of Baked Ziti. For holidays there is the "Match Meat Roast". You can do St. Louis's own "Slinger" with scrambled tofu, Match Meat "burger", hash browns, and chili. Stuffed Peppers with Brown Rice and Match Meat of your choosing. Nachos with baked corn chips, Match Meat beef, Daiya cheese, sliced black olives, Eden canned Pinto Beans (Eden cans do not have BPA in their lining), and salsa. And no animals harmed in the process. A win for everyone. You can find her products at Whole Foods and Dierbergs in the frozen section. We have tried nearly every single type of "meaty" product since we ditched the meat, cheese, casein, etc....over a decade ago. Seriously, I remember my mom buying "Loma Linda" veggie hot dogs in a can, and that was a long time ago. I think I was 10 when those came out and we have come a LONG way! And I personally recommend Match Meat for the most "traditional", comfort food type of feel. When people tell me they have tried some other veggie meat, I always tell them to try Match. It's so real it even scares vegans! But we will get over it quickly and praise Allison for creating a wonderful product that is totally "mainstream" and I truly think everyone can love. Give it a try at home and her site has lots of recipes and pointers for newbies and old hats alike. This Chez Bettay blog also has Match Crab Cakes and other delicious eats. Or look for it at a restaurant. The Match website also has a list of places that serve Match products. And if "being green" is your thing, well there is a link on her website about how your diet and the environment are intertwined. In addition to recipes, she has videos also. Since Match doesn't have lard or saturated fat, we use a little olive or coconut oil and also usually use cast iron cookware. You can use non-stick cookware as well.
Oh, did I mention a fringe benefit of using Match instead "regular meat", is that you might accidentally melt those inches away. Yep, it seems that you might be able to totally binge on all of your favorite traditional foods (my favorite time is 1:00 a.m.) and you won't wake up a few pounds heavier.
Not only is the product great, but Allison is a great gal also. I had been hearing her name for years, for she is an incredibly gracious and compassionate soul. She is also our future foster for Bea & Aaron. Some of P.J.'s favorites who have been waiting for what seems like forever to be able to come home with P.J. I will post some video of those two kids and maybe you will decide that you might need Bea & Aaron in your home to make your world a little brighter.

So come out and see our awesome documentary and try Allison's treats for yourselves!

Match Meat "Pulled Pork Barbeque" recipe
Yield: 4 – 4oz. Portions
1 lb. MATCH Pork
2 cups your favorite BBQ sauce
1 Tbls. canola oil or pan coating spray

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Oil baking sheet with canola oil or spray. Spread Pork MATCH onto oiled baking sheet till 1 inch thick. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until edges start to get crisp. Remove from oven and let cool enough to handle. Pull apart by hand, you may freeze at this time for use later. Add your favorite BBQ sauce. Serve warm or room temperature. Serve on Kaiser roll with fresh cole slaw.