Poor little Popeye...

First, I would like to thank everyone for their quick responses to Napoleon, Josephine and Lucy. All three are either in foster homes or have prospective foster homes in their future. Thank you so much for passing these posts along and making it possible for us to place so many animals.

Next, as you can see, little Popeye was an adorable puppy. We adopted him out about 8 months ago to a family with young children who were sure that they could handle a puppy with all kinds of energy. Unfortunately, they were not able to handle him and he is now in need of a new foster home. Popeye, now called Tucker has a lot of energy and would love to be in a home with another dog so that he can play, play, play! He is sooooo cute, isn't he? I bet he is a beautiful grown dog now too. I will post pictures of him as soon as we get more current ones. Please pass this along to your friends so that we can find a place for Popeye. We are full to the brim right now with foster dogs, so finding a place for him is going to prove pretty difficult. We need your help!...again!...always! We love you!


Napoleon, Josephine and Lucy

Worried that we would not be able to find/catch them if we waited much longer, PJ made an executive decision to pull the two we could find today even though we do not have fosters. So, now, again, we are in a pickle. Please pass this along to everyone you know. They put up a little fight at first when PJ picked them up, but are now, as you can see fairly calm for her. They are incredibly adorable. Please help us find fosters for these cuties!

Look who else I found today. Little Lucy was lying with her head down in the concrete looking pretty pathetic. I just could not leave her. She is skin and bones and would not have made it if I left her there on the sidewalk. She is at the vet now being treated for anything that is wrong. We desperately need a foster for Lucy as well. She let me pick her up with no problem, so she likes humans, which is a plus. Please tell all of your kitty loving friends :)


Bomber Needs a new Foster!

Remember Bomber? Bomber's foster mom and dad are in the process of moving to New York. They already have 5 big dogs, otherwise, I believe they would have kept Bomber. Bomber is in desperate need of a new foster home. He is such an easy, laid back dog to have around. He really just needs a place to lay. He does well with other dogs, children and loves people. Bomber is the quintessential sweet old man. If you have a little extra room in your home, or know someone who would like to have a sweet dog like Bomber around for a little bit, please email us at gatewaypetguardians@yahoo.com.

This lady had a litter of pups a while ago. They are about 6 weeks old now and ready to go into foster homes. Getting them this early prevents them from having to suffer through all of the pains of living on the streets. Not only do they get more fearful of us as they age, they also get mange among many other horrific ailments that street life brings to dogs. Not to mention the harsh winter months that are coming up. We know that there are at least four blonde pups that look like their mama. There might be even more. Please pass this along to all of your animal loving friends so that we can rescue these puppies sooner than later!

Thanks again for all of your support.


The Dilemma

When we go to East St. Louis, just about everyday, there seems like there is a dog in need of being rescued. Just two days ago, Lucky looked like he had a broken leg. We were going to put a plea out to pull him, but it seems to be miraculously healed now. And then, yesterday, Hank had a terrible puncture wound on his neck.

The dilemma comes from a few angles. First, we have to ask ourselves, do we have the money? Usually the answer is no. Next we have to find out if we can get someone to foster, which is no small task, especially for adult dogs who have lived on the streets all of their lives. I have said before that there are times where I take pictures of a dog that I really want to pull, come home, post pictures, write up a story and never find him again. That is heartbreaking. Which leads us to today's dilemma.

If you watch the video below, you will see one of the strangest things I have seen so far in East St. Louis. These two dogs were linked together with a short leash. What?! How long had they been like that? They were both very underweight, so I would imagine that it had been a while. Two dogs cannot hunt if they are tied together. As we pulled closer, PJ exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! it's Bruno!" She then went on to explain that Bruno was someone's puppy about four years ago who she vaccinated and had neutered for him. She also gave Bruno his monthly heartguard. PJ was smitten with Bruno. One day, about three years ago, Bruno disappeared. He was gone for quite a few weeks when PJ found him and brought him back home. About two weeks later, Bruno disappeared for good. Or so she thought.

This was two and a half years ago! PJ could not believe her eyes. Would she ever see Bruno again if she did not take him now? What if whoever tied him to this other dog came along and did it again? PJ and I know that per the rules of our rescue, we are not supposed to pull unless we have all of our ducks in a row. That is unless it is an emergency. Was this an emergency? And then, there is the question, how can we just take one? It is heart wrenching to have to leave any dog on the streets, much less to choose between two that have been tied together for who knows how long. But, alas, we had to make a decision. And quite honestly, we had to do it fast, because who really knows who might be watching and what kind of trouble we will run into if someone caught us removing the leash from these dogs, much less taking one home with us. My heart broke as we pulled away, leaving the other dog alone without his buddy. I would love to rescue him too if we ever see him again (and have the money and a foster).

All of that being said, we are in a little bit of trouble for pulling Bruno. And when I say trouble, I just mean that I feel really bad because we are trying so hard to get this rescue to the point where we can buy a shelter so that we don't have these dilemmas anymore. When we pull dogs that were not planned for, our shelter plan is set back that much further. Please help us sponsor Bruno so that we can stay on track for our shelter fund. Please help us so that we can save as many dogs like Bruno and his buddy as possible. We need about $200 for Bruno's fund. In order to pull Bruno's buddy, we would need about $300 more. Whatever you can donate is so useful, whether it is $5, $10 or $100. We can't tell you how much every dollar counts for a rescue like ours. Thank you for your support and thanks for listening to my long winded dilemma.


Not Exactly An East St. Louis Dog

But adorably lovable just the same. Tell all of your animal loving U.K. friends about E.T.!