Desi and Danielle

Here is a video of the last rescues of the year, Desi & Danielle.  Desi is one of P.J.'s favorites and I think she would like to exchange one of her "stinker" dogs in for Desi!  If you would like to meet P.J.'s pick, then give us a holler and we will arrange a time and place.  Desi is full of life and a big lover.  Danielle was a "surprise" child, as that morning we weren't looking for any more of Dribble's puppies.  But alas, one was hanging out in this abandoned house with Dribble, Desi, Wolfgang.

In the immediate future we are hoping to rescue Veronica, who had just given birth to 11 puppies, and Dribble, who has lived on the streets his whole life and is just the biggest teddy bear you can imagine.  We need all of your good energy since it's been a few days since we have seen Dribble.  Once we do see him, it will take some luck and perseverance to rescue him.

Winter time is always difficult as it's really hard watching these kids be outside in brutally cold weather.  If you are wondering if you can make a difference, the answer is a resounding yes.  You may have a space in your home, garage, basement to temporarily house someone, you make help take kids to adoption events, you may help with vet transportation, you may help lead a "dog food drive" at you workplace, you may send our updates to all of your friends and family, you may adopt instead of buy, you may ride along with PJ so you have a better understanding of what GPG does every single day of the year, you may buy calendars and our documentary for gifts.  The list goes on.  But yes, you can help.  Please don't feel like anything you give can be insignificant, be it time or money.  The only reason we are able to do these rescues is because of our fans who help these kids find forever homes.  Everyone one of us plays an integral part in the futures of these homeless animals.

Kids that STILL need homes: Kealy (to help your NY's resolution for a skinny butt), "Boise the Bestest Border Collie", Sonny the Precious Pitbull, and Casey the Cat. And of course all of our other animals are at the Gateway Pet Guardians Website.  We are also extending P.J.'s Birthday Challenge throughout the month of January because we know December was a busy month for everyone!  Thank you to Lindsay, Kati, Bethany, Larry, Jen, Erin, Nancy and April for giving to P.J.'s Birthday Challenge.  We will updating our list soon!

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