"Twelve Degrees"

Here is some video of the East St. Louis Feedings.  A blustering 12 degrees outside and lots of pups waiting for their Angel (PJ).  Still no sign of Dribble, which makes us all very sad.  He was next on the list to be rescued, so keep all of your fingers and paws crossed that he will reappear.  The last week has brought us 8 puppies, beautiful Goldens, and the rescue of Veronica, the mom who just gave birth to 11 puppies.  

We also received a $10,000 grant from St. Louis Community Foundation, for which we are incredibly grateful.  And although we didn't win the Sweepstakes, the "Blind Cat Rescue" group that did snag the grand prize donated $ 500.00 of treats and toys that they could not use to us!  Thank you Blind Cat Rescue!  Purina One also gave us 1900 pounds of food!  We are so grateful to all of your support.  Times are tough right now, and that generally filters down to rescues as well.  Just when more people are "dumping" their dogs, the funds usually dry up.  Thank you to all who are helping these kids get off the frigid streets.  Once again, I encourage anyone who has an interest in seeing what PJ actually does every single day, to contact us for an opportunity to accompany GPG in our daily feedings. You will be inspired! And there is still time to wish PJ a Happy Birthday.  Please see our Birthday Challenge and maybe you can give a little bit of your heart to "PJ's Birthday Challenge".  And don't forget to mark your calendars for March 24th, "3rd Annual Pasta for Pets" event and April 30th, "2nd Annual Tees & Tails and Wine & Wags" events.

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