Egypt & C.L. (that's creative for Chocolate Lab)

This morning I did my rounds with PJ and we came across the same group of dogs we have seen lately. It is a new pack that consists of a puppy named Egypt, a chocolate Lab, Pit Bull and a few other dogs. I have been meaning to send out a plea for Egypt, and then this morning the Pit Bull, although just playing, got a little rough with the puppy. Rough enough for me to say, that's it! I'm taking that puppy. I was just scared that I would show up next week and the pup would be hurt. That being said, Egypt is at the vet right now being checked out. She is in pretty good shape. One of the neighborhood ladies was taking care of her. She really wanted us to rescue her though. I have parvo at my house, so am unable to foster her. Please take a look at her sweet, sweet face and give her a place to stay until she finds her forever home. She is totally laid back. Jumped right in my arms and relaxed in the passenger seat the entire ride to the vet. Such a great temperament. I think she will be easy to house train too. She looks to be about 3 months or so. Maybe even a little older. Please help me out with this one. I will keep her in my bathroom until we find a place for her, but she is not going to be very happy with that. I have a feeling she will wonder if that was really "rescuing" her if we have to keep her in the bathroom.

On another note, there is also a pure bred chocolate lab that is too sweet for words in this pack. He is a little shy, but is coming around quite nicely with PJ. He took a treat from her today. He seems to show up with some injuries every once in a while, which worries us because he does not seem like much of a fighter. Does anyone know anyone looking for a chocolate lab? Or would anyone be interested in fostering this sweetie? We would love to get him off of the streets.


These pups need fosters!

These two puppies desperately need a foster. PJ cannot keep them and they need the socialization that your home would be able to give them. We think there are other puppies from this litter, but we cannot even think about going to look for them until we find fosters for these two. Remember Nigel and Nigella? They are offspring of them. Really, the pictures don't do these two justice. They are about 5 weeks old and absolutely adorable! The fluffy one on top is going to look just like Nigel, we think. Please help us socialize and find loving homes for these pups!


Thank You!

A big fat thank you to all of you who donated and forwarded the post about Sylvester. Your support is amazing and without you we would not be able to do what we do. I am seriously amazed and I got a little teary yesterday with how much you all came through for Sylvester and Gateway. After three hours of tracking and waiting for him to fall for the trap, (long story that I will tell later when I have more time) he is safe and sort of relaxing in his kennel. Ok, he is still scared to death, but I see a sweet and lovable dog in there. I just know he is going to be fabulous. He has a long road of recovery ahead of him with the antibiotics, skin infection, heartworm, fleas, ticks, among many other things, but thanks to you, we have the money to treat all of his issues. I will post pictures once he settles in a little. He is definitely in no mood for a photo session.


We need to Save Sylvester

Sylvester has been one of my favorite dogs on the street for a long time. He is a little timid, but I can tell he will be so sweet once he realizes how nice we are. He reminds me a little of Clarence. And he reminds me a little of my old dog Bailey, my first dog, whose death kind of threw me into rescue work. Anyway, we have been planning to rescue Sylvester for a while, but had to order a trap in order to be able to catch him. (the trap was donated by PJ). Yesterday, we had to put a hold on rescues because we are in over our heads with vet bills. Sylvester has a terrible eye infection and he has been on the streets for over a year now. The lifespan of a dog on the streets is typically a year and a half, so we are pushing it with Sylvester. We have pretty much rescued everyone else in his pack, Eartha, Eartha & Sylvester's pups, Julio, Sherlock and Sherlock's brother. I am sure there were more. Well, there is one more, RaRa. She is mean to Sylvester and will not let him eat. He just lies down and lets her eat and does not try. For whatever reason, he still hangs with her.

Whatever you can donate will go toward being able to save Sylvester. We probably need about $400 for him with his eye infection, he most likely has heartworm, and his shots and neutering. I am going to foster him because my husband said that I could :) Love you honey! Love you all too for your generosity and making it possible to save sweet Sylvester. Thank you.